Protected TAVR™ is here with the Sentinel® Cerebral Protection System (CPS)

Sentinel CPS is the only FDA-cleared device available in the U.S. to protect patients from the risk of stroke during TAVR

The Sentinel CPS is a unique device that filters, captures and removes embolic debris released during TAVR. The Sentinel device can be used safely with any commercially available TAVR valve.

Sentinel CPS is simple to use, with 99% deployment success in a median deployment time of four minutes.1

How Sentinel CPS Works

Delivered through a conventional radial artery approach in the right arm, Sentinel CPS is a percutaneous device that utilizes a proximal embolic filter delivered to the brachiocephalic artery, and a distal embolic filter delivered to the left common carotid artery at the beginning of the TAVR procedure. The filters collect debris released during the procedure — valve tissue, calcification, thrombus or other material — and prevent the debris from traveling to the brain. At the completion of the procedure, the filters and collected debris are recaptured into the catheter and removed from the patient’s right arm.

The Sentinel CPS consists of a 6 French-compatible catheter with deployable proximal and distal filters, an articulating sheath and an integral handle assembly. Precisely located radiopaque markers enable visualization under fluoroscopy during use. Using the articulating sheath, the curve of the device can be adjusted to accommodate anatomic variations of the aortic arch. Sentinel CPS is available in one universal size that adjusts to the vast majority of vascular anatomies.