Cerebral Embolic Debris

Clinical evidence is showing that cerebral embolic debris is generated in the vast majority of patients undergoing TAVR,1 regardless of patient risk profile or valve type.2,3 In fact, the SENTINEL trial showed that one in four TAVR patients had an average of 25 pieces of debris captured and removed by the Sentinel® Cerebral Protection System (CPS) that were visible to the naked eye.4

Click on this video to view impact of the cerebral embolic debris cascade and the benefits of Protected TAVR™ with Sentinel® CPS during TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement).

Click on this video to hear Physician perspectives from around the world on the importance of capturing and removing embolic debris during a TAVR procedure.

Debris Removed By Sentinel CPS

Here are examples of large cerebral embolic debris removed by Sentinel CPS after TAVR.