Patient & Caregiver Whiteboard Animation: SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System

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Is Protected TAVI™ For You?

The Sentinel system can help safeguard patients from the risk of stroke during TAVI procedures. The Sentinel system is the first and only device that is FDA-cleared and available in the U.S. to offer protection against the risk of stroke during TAVI procedures. In clinical studies, the Sentinel device has been shown to capture and remove potentially dangerous debris in 99% of TAVI cases.

Many patients and caregivers choose Protected TAVI™ for the increased peace of mind, before during and after the procedure. As with any device, there are risks associated with use of Sentinel. Those risks include infection, injury to your vessels, stroke, death, etc. However, issues specific to the use of Sentinel have only been reported in a small number of patients and typically went away in 30 days. The use of Sentinel during your procedure is solely at the discretion of your doctor.

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3D Animation of SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System

How it Works

The Sentinel system is delivered at the beginning of the TAVI procedure via a small tube inserted through a small puncture in the right wrist.

Using a minimally-invasive catheter, two filters are placed in the two main arteries between the heart and the brain. The filters of the Sentinel system collect debris throughout the procedure, thereby preventing it from traveling to the brain.

At the completion of the TAVI procedure, the filters and collected debris are removed from the patient.

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