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Expert Perspectives

Video – Claret Medical Scientific Symposium @ TCT 2017

Watch Claret Medical’s Scientific Symposium @ TCT 2017: Leadership in Protected TAVR with Sentinel as Standard of Care Chairs: Dr. Leon and Dr. Makkar. Faculty: Dr. Gada, Dr. Kapadia, Dr. Kodali, Dr. Messé, Dr. Siddiqui, Dr. Tchétché, Dr. Wöhrle

Video – Whiteboard Overview: University of Ulm Clinical Data on Sentinel™ CPS

See an overview of how Sentinel™ CPS reduced TAVR stroke, and stroke or mortality rates by 70%, in an independent, real-world, post-market academic study of 560 propensity matched patients from Ulm University (Seeger J. et al. in press JACC September 2017)

Video – Perspectives on 5,000th Patient with Sentinel™ CPS

Listen to perspectives from key opinion leaders on what it means that Claret Medical reached the 5,000th patient who used Sentinel™ Cerebral Embolic Protection.

Video – Dr. Marty Leon at FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

Watch Dr. Martin Leon’s powerful conclusion to the FDA advisory committee meeting, which summarizes the totality of the clinical evidence and resulted in a near unanimous Panel endorsement of Sentinel to protect American patients during TAVR.